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About the Hosts - Tech Talk Nation

The Tech Talk Nation hosts have a variety of expertise that can bring valuable perspectives to recent news and changes within the industry

Matt Fitzgerald

Matt is a tech expert of all things enterprise and business related. He currently works as a DevOps engineer.  He has owned and operated different technology companies and currently runs Fitzgerald Tech Solutions, a web hosting, web development, and multimedia company.

View his blog at mfitz.net!

Matt Gryzlo

Matt has a personal connection with technology and its positive impact on the world through his work in the automation and pharmaceutical industries. Combined with his distinct interest in consumer electronics, Matt brings a unique perspective to the weekly show.

Ryan Eastman

Ryan is a Computer Engineer who Graduated from Purdue University. Ryan has worked for a wide variety of companies including a 3d printer company, a cement company, and a data science lab that contracted with the NSA. In his spare time he uses machine learning, coding, and micro-controller to make projects.

Now that you have learned about the tech talk nation hosts, have a listen!